LOTERRE - Linked Open TERminology REsources

Loterre services

20/01/2020 -
In addition to downloading terminological data, Loterre offers a range of services for terminology producers, whether or not they want to share their work in Loterre. The Check, Transform and Align services aim at facilitating the creation and enrichment of SKOS/RDF-XML terminological files, in accordance with the FAIR data principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). n.b.: The user data are not stored by Inist-CNRS.
08/01/2020 -
The “Downlaod” service will allow you to download the full content of one of the resources stored in the Loterre triplestore, in a PDF, CSV or SKOS/XML format From the Loterre platform, you can also: Download the results of a SPARQL query in a CSV format Download a concept or group of concepts in RDF/XML, TURTLE, JSON-LD formats, by navigating through the vocabularies