LOTERRE - Linked Open TERminology REsources

What types of terminology are integrated into Loterre?

It is aimed, wherever possible, that the resources integrated into the triplestore conform to good practices of the W3C relative to the publication of linked data.

Ideally, they should respect the criteria allocated to “5 star” data: Linked Data – Design Issues

  • Data freely accessible on the web (with the mention of an open licence);
  • Data in a structured format (readable by the machine);
  • No-ownership format (CSV, RDF, etc.);
  • W3C and URI standards to identify each resource;
  • Data linked to other RDF data via alignments.

Schematically, the terminological resources exposed on Loterre can be of the type:

  • Vocabulary in the wider sense of the term: Glossaries, lists of terms, Thesaurus;
  • Taxonomies (classification plans and similar elements).

The data of lexical resource types, resources of content or ontology analyses, can only be integrated into Loterre if they are converted into the SKOS format, which can involve a loss of information compared to the original content.

The resources may:

  • Present a hierarchy: simple, multiple, or none;
  • Include groupings (collections, groups, fields, facets).